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5 Healthy Nuts


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Nuts sometimes get a bad rap as being too high in fat. What people do not realize is that nuts are high in the good kind of fat. Most are high in unsaturated fats, which help lower bad, or LDL, cholesterol and keep our hearts healthy. Here is our list of the five healthy nuts:



These kidney shaped nuts are a good source of copper, magnesium, zinc, and iron. Compared to the other nuts, cashews are actually lower in their fat content. Approximately 65-75% of this is unsaturated fatty acids. The copper and magnesium contribute to building up bone strength.



Omega 3-fatty acids are one of the main components to walnuts. There is 94.5% of a daily value of omega 3-fatty acids in just a quarter cup of walnuts. This encourages blood circulation, regulating your blood pressure and in the long run decreases your risk of any cardiovascular problems.



This “nut” is technically a seed that comes from the almond tree. It is high in manganese, vitamin E, and magnesium. The vitamin E acts as an antioxidant and helps reduce risk of heart disease.



Similar to walnuts, pecans are high in omega 3-fatty acids, as well as being a good source of protein. Eating a handful a day can help lower your bad LDL cholesterol. Pecans are also regarded as a source of about 20 essential vitamins and minerals.



Pistachios boast 30 vitamins and minerals. In addition to helping lower bad LDL cholesterol, pistachios have been shown to raise levels of lutein. Lutein is essential to eye health and can decrease your risk of developing eye problems such as cataracts. Pistachios are also very high in fiber.


Whether you like to eat a handful plain or add them to your meals, these nuts will provide you with many added health bonuses. Cashews can be found in our Athlete Fuel muesli mix. Almonds are found in our Morning Zen, Athlete Fuel, Super Muesli and Classic Swiss muesli mixes. And walnuts can be found in Antioxidant muesli mix.


Which nut is your favorite?


The Top 5 Healthiest Nuts

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