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Breakfast Around The World: Australia


You may have heard that Australians are fairly similar to us in the United States. We both speak English, celebrate many of the same holidays, and listen to a lot of the same music. We even eat a lot of the same food…but every country has a few specific dishes that are known for being unique to their culture. Australians are known for eating fish n’ chips on the beach, cooking kangaroo on the barbie, indulging in meat pies, snacking on Tim Tams, and of course, spreading their famous Vegemite on toast in the morning.


What is Vegemite?

In our ever-changing world, Vegemite is something you can rely on to remain constant, with an unchanging flavor since it came about in 1923. This brown, chocolately-looking spread is made from concentrated yeast extract and tastes absolutely nothing like chocolate. It’s filled with vitamins and has a bit of a salty bite to it…something very unexpected to Americans that try it since we’re used to sweet tastes like jam and honey.

What else do Australians eat for breakfast? They’re pretty similar to us in the United States, although they do try to do things a little bit healthier than a lot of us do. They might serve some baked beans with their eggs and bacon, have an avocado smash (mashed up avocado on toast), or add some native macadamia nuts to their muesli, but if you’re not too adventurous with your foods, you’ll still be able to survive in Australia…just stay away from the Vegemite!




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