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Muesli: A Brief History

Muesli Cereal Inventor

The word muesli is a Swiss-German variation of the German word “müs” meaning porridge and the diminutive suffix, “-li.”  The “invention” of muesli is credited to Swiss physician and nutritional pioneer, Maximilian Bircher-Benner.  The recipe consisted of oat flakes, raw apples, condensed milk, nuts and lemon juice and it led Dr. Bircher-Benner to overwhelming improvements […]

Introducing Super Muesli

Super Muesli

We launched our newest product, Super Muesli, at Natural Products Expo West earlier this month.  Named for all the super foods it contains, Super Muesli is a super nutritious blend of organic oats, cranberries, almonds, coconut, chia seeds, hemp seeds, and quinoa.  Here’s a bit on why we chose each of the ingredients- Almonds Almonds […]

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