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Friday’s Food and Fit Favorite’s Jan 3


Happy New Year! 2013 is here, which for some means resolutions and, for others, disdain of resolutions. Wherever you stand, here’s some healthy links from the first week of the year.



5 Vibrant Winter Salads If you have a health or fitness related resolution, I’m guessing more salads will be showing up in your meals. Add some variety with these seasonal recipes.


Carrot Soup with Tahini and Crisped Chickpeas– A hearty vegan recipe with rich spices. Great as a side or main course.


Teaslies: Mini Raw(ish) Vegan Cheesecakes!– I love the ingredient list for this recipe. The main ingredient is cashews and they are sweetened with dates and maple syrup.



Don’t Think. Get Up!– I’m not a morning person. Every morning consists of at least a couple snoozes. I’m always eager and open to try new methods of getting out of bed.


Guaranteed-to-be-Sore Core Workout– Looking for a tough core workout? Try this one used by elite Olympic gymnasts. Doesn’t look easy.


Does the Shake Weight Work?– I’m sure you’ve been dying to know. Find out the answer…



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