Friday’s Food and Fit Favorite’s Dec 21

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In the week leading up to Christmas, the web was ripe with desert recipes. Here’s some of my favorites and some ways to cope with the extra calories.



Celebrating Feast of the Seven Fishes Though I’m not Italian, this meal has been a tradition at my parents house for as long as I can remember. Coming up with seven initially seems daunting but this article should help you get to 9 or 10 for extra luck.


5 Treats to Bake with Candy Canes– Lots of candy canes on your tree? Rather than bingeing on sugar for days after the holidays, sick ’em on your guests and hosts with these creative recipes.


White Chocolate Peppermint Granola– Mmmmm… more peppermint. This recipe easily converts muesli into granola- just add sugar and oil.



Maximize Your Flexibility & Mobility before Squatting– I love squatting for the shear power it requires. But if done improperly, problems can range from non-maximal results to long-term injury.


Getting back to nature inspires creativity, new study shows– Have some time off over the holidays? Spend it outside, sans cellphone. Four days in nature (and away from electronics) improves creativity by 50%, according to researchers.


Natural Ways to Fight Heartburn– Overeating? Wide variety of foods? The holidays can be a recipe for disaster for those with heartburn but these simple tips can help without heading for the medicine cabinet.




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