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Friday the 13th’s Food and Fit Favorite’s

Here’s some of our favorite links from this past week.



Black Bean Guacamole Not your typical guac. This recipe raises the standards for the healthy and delicious snack, adding black beans and greek yogurt.


Iron Chef Morimoto Debunks Sushi Myths– Eat it with your hands, in one bite, “It’s better that way.” Is freshwater sushi good to eat? Read to find out.


Cilantro Livity Soup– A simple refreshing recipe. This soup has just six ingredients but is big on flavor.


honey ginger chicken with noodles.– An ambitious recipe with reductions and glazes. The step by step photos make it look easy.


Cha-Cha-Chia Cocoa Pudding– In case you needed another reason to eat chia seeds, it can be made into a delicious, healthy desert. Oh, and it’s easy to make.



Fitness Challenge: Make Work Meetings “Active Meetings” and Go for a Walk!– This was Steve Job’s notorious meeting style. Going for a walk can be energizing, relaxing, and creativity-boosting.


50 Lessons Learned from 50 Days of Running– Ever set out to do something 50 days in row? It can have a dramatic effect on habits. Find out what Matt learned from 50 days of running.


Gainging Confidence in the Gym– The gym can be an intimidating environment, particularly if you’re just getting started, but should it be?


Kids Jump Rope to Combat Obesity– Exercise shouldn’t be a chore. There are plenty of fun ways to stay fit, and starting early is key.




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