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Friday’s Food and Fit Favorite’s July 27

Here’s some of our favorite links from this past week.



Fries With Lemon Salt and Rosemary Craving fries? Try this light recipe with julienned potatoes which require a lot less frying. They’re great for any summer cookout


Grilling on Sticks: Kabobs– Kabobs are incredible versatile, healthy (generally, depending on ingredients), and easy to prepare. These recipes feature tuna, salmon, chicken, and shrimp.


Simply Filling Taco Dilla– Tacos are delicious and easy to prepare, but are they making it into your meal line up too often? This simple twist will make your taco night a whole new experience.


Gluten Free Vegetarian Lasagna– A healthy recipe that’s sure to please just about anyone. Great for a dinner party if you’re unsure of guest’s diets.


The Healthiest Breakfast Ever Made?– Breakfast is the most important meal of the day but the wrong choices can quickly turn your body from a temple to a landfill. This recipe is packed with nutrients toyou’re your day started.



Why Michael Phelps’ Abs Matter (and Other Olympic Theories)– Thousands of the fittest people in the world are about to start competing in London. Does it spur a worldwide health inspiration?


Dr. JoAnn’s Olympic Lessons for Life: Creating Your Inner Fire– The Olympics are the pinnacle of many sports. Many dream of being there but very few even make it. Can you have the same drive?


SPRINTING WORKOUTS TO CELEBRATE THE GAMES– Sprinting can be grueling but very rewarding. Here’s some tips for sprints at the track, gym, or pool.


ABSI: A Replacement for Body Mass Index?– BMI is common for measuring obesity but it has it’s flaws. Find out what ABSI what measures and what it means for your health.



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