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Friday’s Food and Fit Favorite’s Aug 24

Here’s some of our favorite links from this past week.



Harley Pasternak Blogs: 10 Seemingly Healthy Foods to Avoid Find out why that yogurt and granola parfait may not be such a great idea, plus several other foods with healthier alternatives


How Does Your College Rank on the List of the Worst (or Best!) Campus Food?– It’s back to school time for many students, which means back to cafeteria (or gourmet restaurant?) food.


Crab Quesadillas Menu – These quesadillas have an irresistibly creamy filling. Serve with simple, healthy fries, salad with a zingy dressing and a super-fast fruity dessert!


Spaghetti Squash with Lentil Walnut Better-Than-Meatballs – A tasty, vegan, gluten-free alternative to the popular dish.


Shredded Carrot Salad Duo. His & Hers. – Two delicious carrot salads- one sweet, one spicy. Prepare your favorite or do them side by side depending on who you’re preparing them for.



Think Yourself Thin: The Secret? Think Yourself Thin: The Secret? – Diet and exercise can require a lot of mental energy. Here’s some tips to use your head to your advantage.


GROUP FITNESS 101: HOW TO ALWAYS MAKE THE MOST OF A CLASS – Group fitness is incredibly popular but, depending on your outlook, can be intimidating, competitive, inspiring, or motivating. Find out how to make it work for you.


how body structure influences workouts – Everyone is built differently which affects athletic performance. Knowing your body can lead to better workouts.


7 Alternatives to Conventional Milk– Milk and muesli are breakfast staples but may not be right for everyone. If you don’t drink animal milk, do you know all your alternatives?




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