Here’s some of our favorite links from this past week.



Spiced Pumpkin Gnocchi
Labor day has passed and that means summer is behind us. Fortunately that means a return of many seasonal flavors, including pumpkin, a personal favorite. This unique recipe adds pumpkin to gnocchi that can be used with a variety of finishes.


Eggplant Caviar on Grilled Bread- There’s a vegan alternative to everything nowadays, even caviar. This recipe uses roasted eggplant and flavorful fresh spices.


How to Infuse Balsamic Vinegar With Herbs & Fruit- Many traditional salad dressings are notoriously calorie-laden. Fruit or herbs in vinegar can create rich, unique, low-calorie toppings for dressings, pastas, breads, and more. They can also make great homemade gifts!



Quick Treadmill Interval Workout
- Interval training has been shown to be a very effective fat burning workout because of its ability to burn calories even after you finish. Every try it? This simple workout is a great way to get started.


An Introduction to Foam Rolling
- I tried foam rolling once, having never heard of it, while visiting a friends gym out of town. I was hooked instantly. Anyone living active and experiencing knots and muscle tension should give it a shot.


The Key to Permanent Change
- Change is easy. Keeping it is hard. Here’s some tips and experiences for effective behavioral change