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Friday’s Food & Fit Favorites Oct 5

Here’s some of our favorite links from this past week.



Pumpkin Peanut Butter Cups The name just about says it all. Delicious little homemade chocolate treats with a seasonal twist.


Pretzel Covered Caramel Apples.– This apple treat is fun and simple to prepare. The flavors are perfect for any fall occasion.


Runners Plate: Cooking with Quinoa + a Fall Recipe– Quinoa is a powerful grain offering plenty of protein for active living Try this recipe with squash, cherries, walnuts, and sage.



4 Calorie-Torching Exercises To Do… While Sitting– “Torching” maybe a a bit exaggerated, but staying active during the day can burn off a few extra calories and keep you alert and focus.


How to Cultivate Resilience, or What It Takes to Keep on Keeping on– Resilience is important to overcome both mental and physical challenges. Learn some key was to improve yours.


Jim Morris: You Won’t Believe How Old This Bodybuilder Is– Jim Morris is a championship bodybuilder and vegan. Learn more about his decorated career.



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