Here’s our favorite links from this past week.



Foods that are healthier together- Broccoli and Mustard. Whole Grains and Onions. Check out this article to learn about some health-benefit-boosting food synergies.


Health Benefits of Red Grapes & How to Pick the Sweetest From the Grocer- Perfectly ripened grapes will not only taste the best, they will also have the most vitamins and antioxidants. Find out how to pick the right ones.


Fourth of July Favorites- It’s hard to believe that Fourth of July celebrations will start next weekend! Here’s several healthy and delicious recipes.



What Your Face Reveals About Your Health- Who knew your chin could indicate unhealthy stress levels? Find out what your cheeks, mouth, and forehead show about your health.


My Top 5 Healthy Living Rules- 5 simple rules that if we all followed, we’d all be a lot healthier. My favorite is #3.


Weight Loss Secrets from the CEO of Weight Watchers- If there are any secrets to weight loss, this man probably knows them. Find out if you have the right approach.