Friday’s Food & Fit Favorites

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Here’s our favorite links from this past week.



Foods that are healthier togetherBroccoli and Mustard. Whole Grains and Onions. Check out this article to learn about some health-benefit-boosting food synergies.


Health Benefits of Red Grapes & How to Pick the Sweetest From the GrocerPerfectly ripened grapes will not only taste the best, they will also have the most vitamins and antioxidants. Find out how to pick the right ones.


Fourth of July FavoritesIt’s hard to believe that Fourth of July celebrations will start next weekend! Here’s several healthy and delicious recipes.



What Your Face Reveals About Your HealthWho knew your chin could indicate unhealthy stress levels? Find out what your cheeks, mouth, and forehead show about your health.


My Top 5 Healthy Living Rules5 simple rules that if we all followed, we’d all be a lot healthier. My favorite is #3.


Weight Loss Secrets from the CEO of Weight WatchersIf there are any secrets to weight loss, this man probably knows them. Find out if you have the right approach.



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