Here’s some of our favorite links from this past week.



What’s For Dinner? Menu Planning Templates Eating well and reducing unhealthy cravings can be simple with just a bit of planning. These templates will keep you focused on your goals.


Healthy Eating Starts with These 5 Kitchen Must-Haves!- Buying the right groceries is a start. Having the right tools will expand your options for healthy eating.


Raw Sunflower Seed Pate with Dill- A healthy raw spread that with a variety of dipping/spreading uses.



8 Bodyweight Exercises For Any Dorm Room - Too tired or don’t have time for a workout? Here’s some quick and simple exercises you can do just about anywhere, also great for your office.


10 Easy Tips to Boost Your Brain- The #1 Tip: Eat breakfast every morning. Watch the video to find out 9 more.


Weightlifting for Stronger Bones and Connective Tissue//a>- Don’t limit your workouts to just cardio- Weight training causes the collagen fibers in bones and connective tissue to remodel.