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Friday’s Food & Fit Favorites Sept 28

Here’s some of our favorite links from this past week.



What’s For Dinner? Menu Planning Templates Eating well and reducing unhealthy cravings can be simple with just a bit of planning. These templates will keep you focused on your goals.


Healthy Eating Starts with These 5 Kitchen Must-Haves!– Buying the right groceries is a start. Having the right tools will expand your options for healthy eating.


Raw Sunflower Seed Pate with Dill– A healthy raw spread that with a variety of dipping/spreading uses.



8 Bodyweight Exercises For Any Dorm Room – Too tired or don’t have time for a workout? Here’s some quick and simple exercises you can do just about anywhere, also great for your office.


10 Easy Tips to Boost Your Brain– The #1 Tip: Eat breakfast every morning. Watch the video to find out 9 more.


Weightlifting for Stronger Bones and Connective Tissue//a>– Don’t limit your workouts to just cardio- Weight training causes the collagen fibers in bones and connective tissue to remodel.



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