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26 Ways to Go Green at Your Workplace

Solar panels, KNUST
Small changes at your workplace can have a big impact on the environment and your bottom line. Reducing consumption will lead to a reduction in expenses and limit the waste your workplace creates. Here are 26 ways you can be greener at your workplace.  

Encourage employees/coworkers/self to:
1. Use reusable water bottles/coffee mugs
2. Turn off computers when not in use (and printers, scanners, etc)
3. Only print when necessary
4. Use technology (Skype, Webex, etc) to avoid travel for meetings
5. Bicycle or use public transportation for their commute
6. Print two-sided
7. Use washable dishes/silverware instead of plasticwear
8. Use recycled products. Today everything from toilet paper to paper clips have recycled options.
9. Setup a carpool system
10. Repurpose waste products at home
11. Setup a compost for food waste
12. Reuse scrap paper for printing drafts and taking note
13. Eliminate bags from individual trash receptacles

Organization-Level Changes
14. Use a thermostat timer to reduce energy consumption during non-work hours.
15. Have a workweek of four ten hour days (to reduce the number of commutes)
16. Allow employees to work from home
17. Use soy based inks
18. Get rid of the Keurig
19. Ship using carbon-offset shipping programs (UPS Carbon Neutral, DHL GOGREEN)
20. Replace lighting with LED lighting
21. Use nontoxic cleaning products
22. Buy from local producers/manufacturers
23. Require that employees have to take home all their own garbage (this will lead to a big reduction in waste)
24. Install motion sensor lighting in areas not always occupied (bathrooms, conference rooms, hallways)
25. If relocating, look for a LEED certified location
26. Join 1% For the Planet

How does your workplace do green?  Stay tuned for a post on how Muesli Fusion does green.

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