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How to Live For 250 Years

We recently touted the many benefits of eating goji berries, so how about a case study?

Li Ching YuenThrough history, there are plenty of legends of longevity, but how many have been supported by the New York Times, National Geographic and Time Magazine? At least one- Li Ching-Yuen. Li Ching-Yuen was a resident of the Szechuan province of China. There is much speculation as to Ching-Yuen’s year of birth, but in 1827 he received a certificate from the Chinese Imperial Government congratulating him on his 150th birthday. If that’s not impressive enough, Ching-Yuen lived for another 106 years, passing away of natural causes in 1933. Rumors of Ching-Yuen’s life are amass, including 23 wives (whom he survived) and 180 descendants across eleven generations. Whether the dates and documents are true is up for you to decide, needless to say, Ching-Yuen probably lived a long life.


From anecdotal reports of Ching-Yuen’s lifestyle, there weren’t many secrets in his longevity. He lived by the same simple truths that have dictated healthy lifestyles since the dawn of time and still hold true today. He lived with low-stress and followed a simple, nutritious diet with moderate exercises daily. Ching-Yuen lived in the Himalayan mountains and traveled gathering herbs and practicing martial arts. Martial arts and the world’s largest mountains? Sounds like pretty good exercise to me. One well supported fact of his diet was that he ate goji berries- everyday. In an interview with Ching-Yuen in the 1920’s, he shared one of the secrets of his longevity-


“At the age of fifty when I went to a mountain to collect some herbs, I met an elderly man who lived on the secluded mountain. He didn’t appear to be a supernormal man, but he took big strides when he walked, as if he was flying in the air. No matter how hard I tried, I could not keep up with him. Later, I met him again. I knelt before him and begged for his secret. He gave me some wild fruits and said, “My only secret is that I only eat these fruits.” I took the fruits, and found that they were Chinese Wolfberries (known in the modern western world as goji berries) Since then I consumed three qian of Chinese Wolfberries daily (~5 grams). From then on I became healthy and agile. I can walk a hundred li (~30 miles) and not feel tired. I became better in strength and stamina than an average person.”


Do you believe this story?  It seems very unlikely, but it can be safe to assume Li Ching Yuen lived to an old age due to his health.  In our modern lifestyle, keeping the stress down and finding time to exercise can be difficult, so we compensate by eating extra goji berries everyday.  Our Antioxidant muesli features goji berries, blueberries, cocoa nibs, and walnuts.  Will eating it make you live forever?  We’re still researching that, but considering it’s high nutritional value, we think the results will be pretty positive.



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