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Muesli Fusion is now Evoke Healthy Foods

That’s right, we’re changing our name.  Same products, same company, same people, new name.

Muesli Fusion has had a lot of success since I started selling muesli at the Rochester Public Market in 2011.  Our product line has been refined and changed since then, as I have dedicated our focus to muesli made with high quality real food and nothing else (sorry, no more Monkey Food or PB&J).  I truly believe our products are nutritionally superior to just about any cereal on the market- high protein, low sugar, healthy fats, and nothing artificial.

Our line is now available in several hundred retailers in the US, Canada, and Hong Kong.  Our team has grown to 17 sales reps covering nine states, although I would not be where I am without frequent support from numerous friend and family members.  This growth, and continued business from loyal customers, has led to requests from retailers and consumers alike to offer more products.  Because of this, I want to create a brand that can extend beyond muesli products into a broad, healthy-living brand.

Why Evoke Healthy Foods?

Evoke- to bring (a memory, feeling, image, etc.) into the mind. : to cause (a particular reaction or response) to happen

I want the brand to be something the consumers will trust.  Something consumers will recognize and remember as a healthy product.  As the brand grows, I want the brand to support healthy active lifestyles in many ways- events, education, and media.  A strong word like Evoke will be memorable and distinct in this space.


The Muesli Fusion brand will continue to be on shelves as we make the transition over the next couple months.  As Evoke rolls out on to shelves, we will be transitioning our social media accounts and website.  To stay up to date on the change, check us out on Facebook or Twitter.

Finally, I want to say thank you to all my friends, supporters, and customers for making Muesli Fusion what it has become, and giving Evoke the opportunity to be something even greater!

And to vouch that healthy living has always been my goal for the company, here’s this throwback-

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