Introducing QR Codes to Our Packaging

QR Code on package

What’s that? How do I use it? Do I need a smartphone? These were common questions I received when I first introduced our bags of muesli with QR Codes at the Rochester Public Market this past weekend.


QR (Quick Read) Codes are simply two dimensions barcodes that have been around since 1996, initially for industrial applications.  They are just now becoming common for marketing applications in the US, as smartphone usage now exceeds 20% of the population.  If you flip though a recent magazine, I’m sure you’ll see them on advertisements.


How do I use it?


You need a smartphone or internet-enabled cell phone with a camera.  You can’t simply use your stock camera app, you need a dedicated QR code app.  I recommend ScanLife because it is easy to use and available for all major phones.  It can read QR, 1D, and Data Matrix barcodes.


Then what happens?


The QR Code on Muesli Fusion’s packaging is a web link that will direct you to a new YouTube video every morning.  What type of video?  Just something fun and simple to break up the monotony of your mornings.  Here are a few recent clips that are examples of what you might get:

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