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8 Valentine’s Day Recipes For Whatever Your Heart Desires

What will you do this Valentine’s Day to show the one that you love just how much you care about them? Give them a card that they’ll throw out in a couple of days? Buy them a not so soft teddy bear? Or maybe you’ll bring them to a fancy restaurant to wait in line for an hour before being seated.

This year, try sweeping them off of their feet with a romantic meal that they’ll never forget…

Chocolate Molten Lava Cake

Let’s be honest, we’d all rather just skip straight to dessert. This luscious, chocolatey treat will leave her weak in the knees and will get you one step closer to Prince Charming status. Get the recipe from Catherine at Weelicious.

King Salmon With Limoncello Fruit Salsa

Want a meal that looks like you spent hours slaving over it? Impress your date with this salmon and fruit salsa that takes just 20 minutes to make! Get the recipe from Priscilla at She’s Cookin.

Tropical Pink Sangria

Every great meal needs an even better drink to accompany it. This pink sangria will add a fruity goodness to your dinner and as an added bonus, it’s pink! Get the recipe from Priscilla at She’s Cookin.

Strawberry Cheesecake Squares

Just like your lady, these cheesecake squares are just the right amount of sweet. She’s guaranteed to love the look of this charming dessert and the taste of the natural ingredients that go into it. Get the recipe from Amber at Fettle Vegan.

Vegan Stuffed Shells

Not feeling very carnivorous this Valentine’s Day? These flavorful Vegan Stuffed Shells will leave your date feeling more than satisfied. Get the recipe from Leslie at Leslie Durso.

Simi’s Cab-Berry Cocktail

Anyone can buy a bottle of wine for their valentine. Be different from the rest of them and try something special. Perfect for a romantic night in, Simi’s Cab-Berry Cocktail is an elegant and tasty option to add to the enchanting atmosphere of Valentine’s Day. Get the recipe from Stevie at

Gluten Free Olive Oil Brownies

olive oil brownies

Make a dessert that is worthy of serving to your valentine. These intense, dark chocolate brownies are sure to keep you both smiling throughout the night. Get the recipe from Kristine at Kristine Kidd.

Wild Mushroom Pasta

Wild Mushroom Pasta

Avoid the special-occasion crowds while still feasting on a restaurant worthy meal. You’ll be sure to impress them with your cooking skills when they take a bite out of this tasteful dish. Get the recipe from Kristine at Kristine Kidd.

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