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4 Vegan Milk Alternatives You Haven’t Tried (and can make at home!)

Whether for nutritional, allergy, or humanitarian reasons, many people are straying away from conventional or dairy milk.  Popular alternatives in the grocery store include soy, coconut, rice, and almond milks but there are several others that are easy to prepare at home. Almost any grain, nut, or seed can be soaked then pureed into a vegan milk alternative, each adding a unique nutritional profile.  Here are four of my favorites-

The first is oat milk, which makes a fiber-rich, heart healthy beverage.  This is easy to prepare and requires just oats, water, and a blender.  There are several variations which include raw, sprouted, and cooked.

Quinoa can make a protein-rich milk.  It was a staple of the Mayan, who used in this recipe for chocoatl, a thick, rich, chocolately beverage spiced with ginger, chili, cinnamon.  Quinoa milk is a bit more labor intensive than others, as it requires soaking and cooking.

Sunflower seeds can make a milk with protein, omega fatty acids, and vitamin A.  This raw vegan vanilla sprouted sunflower seed milk adds a bit of vanilla and stevia to give it a rich, sweet flavor. 

Pumpkin seeds are another great alternative for protein and also add iron and zinc.  This quick pumpkin seed milk doesn’t require soaking, so it can be ready in just minutes.  Sweetened with some agave, this makes a great add-in for coffee or tea.

These alternatives a great as a refreshing beverage, added in smoothies, and, of course, with muesli.  Chemically, they won’t behave like conventional milk so may not suitable for many cooking/baking recipes. 

What are your favorites?

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