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Breakfast Around The World: Asia

bowl of rice

Eggs, pancakes, waffles, bacon, toast, cereal and coffee. These are some of the staple breakfast items for Americans. But if you travel abroad you’ll notice that these aren’t the foods that the people of other regions are eating for breakfast. When traveling to Asian countries, you’ll see that rice is a major staple in their diet not only for lunch and dinner, but also for breakfast. Different countries will pair rice with different foods for their morning meal, such as meat and vegetables in China , miso soup in Japan, or kimchi in Korea. You may be sitting here thinking, “That’s so strange.” but to the people living in this region, this is as normal to them as eating pancakes and bacon is to us.

Want to try out some Asian breakfast foods? Here are some recipes!

Congee: A popular, porridge-like, breakfast food in China and many other parts of Asia. Get the recipe from

rice congee

Roti Prata: Also known as Roti Canai, this is a fluffy, yet crispy pancake-like pastry that is served with a spicy curry dipping sauce. This is a popular dish in Singapore and Malaysia. Get the recipe from DK at ChefInYou.

roti prata

Kaya Toast: Another popular dish in Singapore and Malaysia. Kaya is a type of jam that is spread over toast along with butter. While the rest of the world traditionally eats fruity jams, those in Singapore prefer this jam made of eggs, coconut milk, and sugar. Get the recipe from Bee at Rasa Malaysia.


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