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Breakfast Around the World: Europe

Europe contains a large handful of travelers’ favorite destinations. Some people travel for thousands of miles to see Europe’s famous cities and try their most well-known foods…and considering that Europe contains over 50 countries, you’d think that there would be a lot of diversity in what they eat from country to country. But the reality is that there is a lot of similarity across the continent, with each region still having some unique twists that makes their food their own. While there are unique dishes for all 3 of the main meals, we’re out to talk to the breakfast lovers.



Golly gosh the British have some delicious sounding breakfast foods! What’s so great about their breakfast you may ask? They eat MUESLI! So far Europeans have got good taste in breakfast foods. But obviously not every person in England eats muesli for breakfast every day. Some others things you might come across while eating breakfast in England are croissants with cheese or ham, toast with jam, sausage, bacon, kippers, black pudding, scrambled, fried or poached eggs, mushrooms, fried tomatoes, baked beans, and hash browns…and these will undoubtedly be served with the stereotypical British tea (or maybe coffee for those that aren’t tea lovers quite yet).



While none of the British breakfast foods seemed too far off from an American breakfast, the Irish do things a little bit differently. If you’re walking through the streets of Dublin or Galway, you might notice people being served fried tomatoes, sauteed field mushrooms, liver, white pudding, or brown soda bread…not exactly what we’re used to. But if you’re not in the mood to be adventurous you should be able to find some eggs, sausage and toast.



When you think of France you probably think about drinking wine and eating cheese in the romantic city of Paris. And while that’s not far off from what you’d actually be doing if you visited, you’re not going to want wine and cheese for every meal. Breakfast for example is a meal where you might want to venture out and try something different…maybe switch the wine out for a hot cup of coffee? If you want a more traditional French breakfast, you’ll be looking at a plate consisting of a piece of black bread, scrambled eggs with mushrooms and tomatoes, and cucumber on the side. Another traditional option for those that are in more of a hurry would be a warm croissant with some creamy coffee to give you a little kick.



Chocolate for breakfast? That’s it, I’m moving here. How lucky do you have to be to be born in a place that eats churros (fried dough sticks) dipped in melted chocolate for breakfast?? Personally, that’s what I’d be eating if I visited, but for those of you with less of a sweet tooth, the Spanish also tend to eat croissants, Spanish omelettes, and tostadas con tomate y aceite (basically tomatoes on toast).



Another great muesli-loving country in Europe. Whether you’re camping on Lake Geneva or hiking up the Matterhorn mountain, muesli is a staple. Then once you’re done with these adventurous activities and decide to explore the cities you’ll find that sliced meats, cheeses, yogurt, prepared fruit and croissants are the most common menu items.



Muesli muesli muelsi…we told you muesli was good! Italians, people who are famous for their food, are muesli lovers (which means it must be good)! While watching the sunrise in Venice you might also want to try some other Italian breakfast favorites! Again, croissants are a European favorite, so you’ll be able to find one of those pretty easily around here. You might also want to try their yogurt or rolls with jam along with Italy’s famous red orange juice made from Sicilian blood oranges.



Hot oatmeal, muesli or breakfast cereal with milk are very common when eating breakfast at home in Poland. Served alongside these you might see toast with their popular plum butter, fruit and weak coffee. In the mood for something a little more complex? Try tracking down jajecznica, a local wake-up call of scrambled eggs with kielbasa sausage, served with a side of potato pancakes.




Breakfast Around the World

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