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Eating Healthy at the Atlanta Airport

As the world’s busiest airport, Atlanta is packed with places to eat. Unfortunately, it takes on a bit of its southern charm with its soul food and pudding kiosks. The sit down restaurants at ATL offer some great, clean meals, if you have time. Healthy foods can be hard to come if you’re looking for something quick. Fortunately, we’ve sorted out several options if you are looking for something vegan, gluten-free, or paleo at the Atlanta airport. If you have a tight connection, sort the list below for something in your terminal or near your gate.

RestaurantLocationCuisineServiceMenuClean EatingVeganGluten-FreePaleoKeto
UmaizushiC CenterpointSushiSit DownMenuSushiVarious veggie rolls
Jamba JuiceConcouse T - Gate T3SmoothiesCounter Service
We Juice ItAtrium NWJuices and SmoothiesCounter Service
Atlanta Bread CompanyA12, B7, C30Sandwiches, SaladsCounter ServiceGreek salad, Cobb SaladGreek salad without cheese, House SaladBalsamic Bleu SaladCobb Salad without dressing and cheese
Baja FreshC44MexicanFast CasualBaja BowlBaja BowlBaja BowlBaja BowlBaja Bowl
ChipotleD27MexicanFast Casual
Cafe IntermezzoB CenterpointItalianSit DownMenuVarious salads, Grilled Salmon, Sauteed ShrimpVarious saladsVarious saladsGrilled salmonGrilled Salmon
Cat Cora'sA25Sit DownMenuLettuce Gyros, Faore Island Salmon, Roasted Beat SaladEdamame and Avocado HummmusMany optionsSesame Lamb MeatballsSesame Lamb Meatballs
Fresh Healthy Café
C45Salads, Wraps, SmoothiesCounter ServiceMenuVarious Salads, SmoothiesPortobello Panini (skip the cheese!), Kale Vegetarian Wrap
EccoF CenterpointEuropeanSit DownMenuPan Roasted Chicken Breast, Salmon Agro DolceSpicy Heirloom Green Beans, Grilled Romaine SaladPan Roasted Mussels Cured Meats, Pan Roasted Mussels
Garbanzo Mediterranean FreshD CenterpointMediterraneanCounter ServiceMenuSalad, Plate, PitaFalafel, Portobello MushrromsSalad, PlateSaladSalad
One Flew SouthE CenterpointJapanese/GlobalSit DownMenuPoke Tacos, SushiShishito Peppers, Garden RollMany- SushiHamachi Crudo, Black CodHamachi Crudo
QdobaA Centerpoint, E CenterpointMexicanFast CasualMenuBowl, SaladFajita VeggiesBowl, SaladBowl, SaladSalad

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