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10 Reasons to Shop Your Local Farmers Market

Each week the Rochester Public Market draws thousands of shoppers looking for every sort of food including muesli, produce, honey, baked goods, and more. The organic, fresh, natural appeal of farmers markets goods make them a great place for weekly shopping.  With over 6,000 farmers markets nationwide, you will probably be surprised by how many markets there are near you.  Use the USDA’s Farmers Markets Search to find one near you.

Here’s ten reasons we suggest shopping at your local market.

1.  Save Cash. Farmers markets offers the same items as the grocery stores but often with a cheaper price. Eliminating the middle man and having the option to bargain are just a few ways the Public Market centers itself on the consumer.

2.  Fresh. You can always taste the difference between freshly grown and imported produce. Having the adequate amount of fruits and vegetables is extremely important to maintaining a healthy diet. Vendors at your market are committed to selling ripe, fresh, organic produce.

3.  Local and Personal. Each week you can visit the same vendors and get to know the people who you are supporting locally. Building relationships is extremely important and the market can offer you a place to meet and discover local farmers and vendors and make new friends.

4.  Environment Impact. Food from the market reduces transportation time and energy. You can buy fresh produce that the local farmers grew near you, rather than produce that has been trucked across the country. 

5.  Health Options. Buying food from the market is one of the smartest things you can do as a healthy consumer.  You will actually have to prepare your food, rather than rely on the over-processed foods at our supermarkets.  Also, many local farmers are committed to organic farming.

6.  Great Family Activity. The market is one way to get the whole family out there together and enjoying the local area. The experience can be extremely educational through talking to vendors about what you are buying and eating. Farmers understand their products and can give you an insight on the farming lifestyle.

7.  It’s Exciting.  Getting a deal in a fast pace environment is always exciting. The crowd and shopping for the best price in town is something that is intriguing for all shoppers.

8.  Try Something New. With seasonal and regional variety, there are always new foods and recipes waiting to be discovered. With no prepared meals the adventurous cook will find all different kinds of vendors and products changing weekly in order to give a variety to all types of kitchens.

9.  Enjoy the Outdoors.  The open air venues common to most farmers markets make them great place to enjoy the outdoors. 

10. It’s fun. With all kinds of goods, all kinds of people, and all kinds of activities the market is a great place to get out and have fun. Entertainment, food, and smiles are something that everyone can enjoy. You never know who you will see or meet but the market is an experience that should not be missed!

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